Of Blood and Deceit

Of Blood and Deceit is almost here!  

Alright my readers! Of Blood and Deceit is almost here! The Launch date is set and the books will be released March 28th. Both paperback and eBook will be available, but right not OBAD is available for pre-order on Amazon!    

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Of Blood and Deceit by Rachel A. Collett

A lot of people ask how they can support me in my authorship, well here are a few ways!
* Go to Amazon and pre-order the eBook!
* Go to my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account and share the news of my release!
* Review my books (after you read them, of course). It’s sad, but very true that Author’s live or die by our reviews, so please help!

I hope you love reading Of Blood and Deceit as much as I loved writing it!

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Thank you!

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